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2000 October: Shenzhen wandaan Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen began to test the industry, Baoan.
2001 July: Shenzhen wandaan Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. was formally established and obtained the qualification of general taxpayer service.
2001 October: new Taiwan caused by imported automatic lathes screw machine more than 20 units, more than 10 groups, more than 10 people from the previous test industry, the development of more than 50 people.
2005 August: moved to the new industrial zone (Shenzhen Baoan Xixiang Phoenix hillock third industrial zone), plant area of 8500 square, more than 160 persons.
2005 October: established in Kunshan "Kunshan Wanda Anne Precision Hardware Co. Ltd." specializing in the production of precision parts and car sales mobile phone, notebook shaft.
2006 August: automatic lathe development to 100 units, 6 CNC lathes, punch more than 20 units, the establishment of professional R & D department, to help customers solve the technology and process of problem solving.
2008 June: the company once again the introduction of more than 10 CNC lathe, machining center 3, the comprehensive development of the machine shop.
2010: automatic lathe has reached 130 units, more than 30 sets of various types of CNC lathe 200-10T, all kinds of punch more than 30 units, 6 sets of high-speed punching machine, machining center 18, hardware processing has been able to solve the car, milling, drilling, grinding, punching process

2014 November: shenzhen wandaan hardaware co.,ltd now changed to the name of shenzhen wandaan precision technology co.,ltd

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